Semi-mounted reversible plough EuroDiamant

Simple handling and high efficiency

  • With the EuroDiamant range of semi-mounted ploughs. LEMKEN fulfils the modern day ploughing needs of large farms. Five to nine furrow models provide a high working width for large tractors. 
  • The long clearance between the headstock and the tractor allows for tractors up to 3 metres large headland turns of up to 90 degrees. This makes the plough particularly manoeuvrable on narrow headlands. 
  • Two hydraulic cylinders turn the plough smoothly without loss of power by 180 degrees. 
  • The exact pitch can be individually adjusted for each side.
  • After loosening the central screw, four different working widths from 30 to 50 cm can be chosen allowing for a range of applications.
  • The generously sized land wheel minimises the ground pressure when ploughing and provides a stable base during road transport.
  • The skimmers can be adjusted without tools and are therefore easy to use.