• plug okretač sa osiguranjem od preopterećenja putem vijka, radni zahvat podesiv na četiri različita položaja u rasponu od 30 do 50 cm po plužnom tijelu
  • Optiquick patentiran sistem za podešavanje zahvata prvog plužnog tijela, usklađivanje linije vuče traktora i linije otpora pluga
  • 2 do 7- plužnih tijela za traktore od 33 do 213 kW (45-290 KS)
  • horizontalni klirens od 90, 100 ili 120 cm, vertikalni klirens od 80 cm, 85 i 90 cm opcija
  • opcija sa mehaničkim ili hidrauličnim Non-Stop uređajem za zaštitu od preopterećenja
  • opcija verzija za oranje van brazde i u brazdi

Mounted reversible plough EurOpal

Perfect technology for improved work quality

The two to seven furrow EurOpal mounted ploughs are characterised by high strength at low weight. They are easy to pull and consequently very efficient to use.

  • The Optiquick adjustment centre allows the independent adjustment of front furrow width and pull point for precise ploughing without lateral forces.
  • The adjusting brackets are bolted to the thick box section made from alloy fine grain steel resulting in high stability, reliable endurance strength, and fitting accuracy.
  • The skimmers can be adjusted without tools and are therefore easy to use.
  • The height-adjustable cross shaft can be adjusted to any conditions and thus  guarantees the perfect position of the tractor lower links.
  • The short and strong turnover axle, in the headstock, is not compromised by welded joints and can therefore withstand the highest impact and permanent loads.