• polunošeni plugovi okretači velikih učinaka, radni zahvat podesiv na četiri različita položaja u rasponu od 33 do 50 cm po plužnom tijelu
  • 9 do 12 plužnih tijela za traktore od 132 kW (180 KS) pa na više
  • opcija verzija za oranje van brazde i u brazdi
  • unapređeno tehničko rješenje spajanja prednjeg i zadnjeg dijela pluga omogućava optimalnu liniju otpora zadnjeg dijela pluga 
  • elektronska kontrola svih bitnih funkcija u toku okretanja pluga na uvratnjacima
  • horizontalni klirens 100 cm, vertikalni klirens 80 cm, 85 i 90 cm opcija
  • opcija sa mehaničkim ili hidrauličnim Non-Stop uređajem za zaštitu od preopterećenja

Semi-mounted reversible plough EuroTitan

Designed for use with high HP tractors

Tractor manufacturers continue to develop ever bigger tractors. Such tractors place enormous loads on the implements placed behind them. The ­EuroTitan plough, with nine to twelve furrows, has been designed for use with some of the largest tractors on the market today. High quality steel, and the latest CAD design processes, ensure the EuroTitan will provide years of reliable service on the largest farms. 
  • The large clearance between the headstock and the tractor allows for tractors up to 4 metres large turns of up to 90 degrees. This results in better manoeuvrability on the headland and facilitates ploughing with dual wheel tractors if preferred. 
  • EuroTitan ploughs can be reconfigured quickly and easily for on-land or in-furrow ploughing. Therefore, they can be used behind crawlers, multi-wheel tractors, or standard tractors. 
  • The cross-shaft can be height-adjusted by moving a bolt allowing for targeted loading of the tractor’s rear axle.
  • The greasable frame joint between the front and rear plough assembly allows movement in terms of working depth as well as driving direction. This ensures perfect ground adjustment even on sloping ground. 
  • After loosening the central screw, four different working widths from 30 to 50 cm can be chosen.