• polunošeni plugovi okretači velikih učinaka sa hidrauličnim podešavanjem radnog zahvata u rasponu od 30-55 cm po plužnom tijelu 
  • 5 do 9 plužnih tijela za traktore od 92 kW (125 KS) pa na više
  • horizontalni klirens 100 ili 120 cm, vertikalni klirens 80 cm
  • jednostavno podešavanje pretplužnjaka bez alata
  • kotač pluga se nalazi unutar rama pluga (za plugove sa 6 plužnih tela pa na više) što omogućava oranje i odlično vođenje pluga u blizini žive ograde, ograde ili prepreke 
  • opcija sa mehaničkim ili hidrauličnim Non-Stop uređajem za zaštitu od preopterećenja
  • opcija verzija za oranje van brazde i u brazdi

Semi-mounted reversible plough VariDiamant

Perfect ploughing at the right working width

  • Work quality and output are the primary requirements for modern semi-mounted ploughs. VariDiamant five to nine furrow ploughs have been developed to perfectly fulfil these two key points.
  • The working width is steplessly adjustable via a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, There is no need to leave the tractor seat.
  • All bearings have wear-free bushes, hardened bolts, and are greasable, thus guaranteeing highest stability and long life.
  • The frame plates for the pivot brackets are bolted to the frame minimising stress forces. High fitting accuracy guarantees a long lifespan. 
  • On ploughs equipped with an extension furrow, the land wheel runs inside the plough frame. This allows for easy ploughing right up to boundaries, fences and other obstacles. 
  • Thanks to the position of the draft point, a perfect tractor/plough pull line is achieved. This reduces the landside pressure and fuel consumption, even at different working widths.