Semi-mounted reversible plough VariTitan

High efficiency and perfect ploughing

Different ground and weather conditions demand an easy to adjust working width, if ecological and economical situations are to be fully exploited. With nine to twelve furrow versions, and working widths of up to 660 cm, the VariTitan offers the best possible output in the prevailing conditions. 

  • Control of turning and lifting functions via electric turn control allow for safe manoeuvring and speedy turning. 
  • The working width can be steplessly adjusted via a double acting hydraulic cylinder for the front and rear part of the plough.
  • The exact working depth can be adjusted in fine steps without tools on the chassis and the rear support wheel via pins. This ensures constant working depths. 
  • The front support wheel is situated inside the plough frame making the VariTitan particularly easy to handle. 
  • The generously sized wheels minimise the ground pressure when ploughing and ensure stability during road transport.