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Tarron HP Highway snow plough

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Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

A high-performance snow plough for use on motorways, delivering extremely wide clearing paths in moderate accumulations of snow. The Tarron HP is suitable for attachment to trucks of more than 18 tonnes.

Benefit from:

  • a light snow plough which minimises front axle load.
  • efficient motorway clearance across wide paths.
  • clean clearing results, even at high speeds, as the blade segments automatically adapt to surface unevenness.
  • snow clearing at various angles, including to the left, whereby the side blade does not collide with the vehicle.

Model technology
The Tarron HP’s multi-blade system Tarron HP guarantees exceptional clearing quality over a width of 4,415 mm. The four blade segments with individual suspension fit perfectly to the profile of the road and remain constantly in clearing position. Even at high speeds, this leads to a clean clearing result. The rigid polyethylene lower links and polyurethane upper links deliver excellent cushioning and make operation as quiet as possible. In both transport and clearing positions, the outer left-hand blade can be hydraulically folded in, to minimise passing width. The plough is mounted on the truck using a patented three-point lift system with adapters for all current mounting plates. The three-point lift system ensures optimum power transmission to the carrier vehicle, as well as lifting and lowering the snow plough accurately and straight. A hydraulic safety release for the extension blade is included as standard in the valve block. This prevents overloading on the side blade. All functions are actuated by the optimised hydraulic block. Thanks to the low-maintenance override system with link-guided plough blade, obstacles on the ground can be safely overridden so the snow plough is not damaged.

Intelligent safety system
The fold-in angle can be adjusted, so that snow can be cleared by the main plough at various angles. Angle sensors monitor the deviation angle to ensure there is no collision with the vehicle itself when the plough is swivelling to the left.

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