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Beilhack PV & PS Highway snow plough

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Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

Beilhack Highway Snow Plough

Highway Snow Plough PV 43 A and PV 43 AN

The Beilhack snow ploughs of the model PV 43 is specially designed for clearing highways and streets with more lanes.

Lateral Snow Plough PS 36-1 C, PS 36-1 NC and PS 45 A

In combination with the highway snow plough, the lateral snow ploughs from Beilhack ensure a very wide clearing with up to 17000 mm.

Wide clearing range

Especially the use of more vehicles in combination with the lateral snow plough is very effective for a fast and clean clearance of broad roads. For example the use of 3 vehicles allows clearing widths up to 17000 mm.

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