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Tellefsdal VPL Variable Snow Plough

Kategorija: Komunalni program
Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

A professional, lightweight variable snow plough for clearing roads, pavements and bicycle lanes as well as large areas of snow.

Easy to operate

  • Mounting and dismounting of the snow plough within just a few minutes
  • Optional lifting system permits adjustment to vehicles with lifting system or mounting plates
  • Independent, fully adjustable plough blades ensure flexibility in snow clearing
  • All functions can be operated hydraulically from the driver’s cab
  • Hydraulic “super-swing” for diagonal swivelling of the snow plough to the right or left
  • Replaceable standardised wear parts

Versatile use

  • Individual adjustment: can be used as wedge-shaped, V-shape and one-sided snow plough
  • Available in various sizes: 1.5 – 3.0 m
  • Suitable for nearly all utility vehicles and front loaders

Perfect clearing results

  • The optimised plough blade geometry ensures optimum snow ejection
  • A great variety of available cutting edges permits application in any condition

Sturdy and safe

  • A-frame is the solid basis for difficult and challenging clearing operations
  • Automatic deviation system ensures safe travel over obstacles and low-noise operation
  • Integrated pressure relief valve on hydraulic cylinders for safe operation (as a standard in VPL 24, 27, 30 / as an option in VPL 15, 18, 21)

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