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FS 110 T Attachable high-performance snow cutter blower

Kategorija: Komunalni program
Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

- Outstanding clearing performance thanks to the integrated highperformance clearing head of the Supra 5002
- Excellent steering thanks to self-supporting cutter drums without additional bearing support
- Resistant to foreign objects thanks to open, slow-running cutter drums
- Perfect coordination of high-performance clearing head and carrier vehicle

Vehicle requirements
Suitable for Claas Xerion 5000 tractor.

Attachment and detachment
Rear attachment to 3-point lifting system of categories III and IV. Hydraulic transverse tilt compensation. Longitudinal tilt is compensated by adjustable upper links.

Clearing unit
Two-stage snow cutter blower system with four-speed open cutter drums and blower wheel. Blower wheel casing can be hydraulically swivelled to the right or left. Optional snow-cutting knives on the clearing head for high levels of snow. Ejection distance of up to 40 m. Adjustable sliding shoes or optional castor wheels for ground clearance adjustment. Welded-on kerb deflectors as break-back protection. Replaceable cutting edge. Automatic, mechanical overload protection in the cutter drums. Supporting shell, blower wheel, blower wheel housing and cutter drums of wear-resistant Hardox steel.

Option: Hydraulic flaps

Hydraulic slewing mechanism with short ejection chute and hydraulically adjustable flaps or loading chute with hydraulically adjustable flaps.

Mechanical direct drive of the clearing unit via drive shaft with shear pin coupling from the vehicle's PTO shaft with gear shift to the drum drive. Drive and central support of the cutter drums via an angular gear.

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