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Hydraulic fine-finish blade for Tarron

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Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

Hydraulic fine-finish blade for Schmidt Tarron MS snow ploughs

Whenever and wherever possible, the use of thawing agents should be reduced further or even completely avoided. The innovative and easy-to-use hydraulic fine-finish blade by Schmidt complies with this requirement in a highly efficient manner by reliably removing snow residues – of course, this high-performance blade also contributes to substantially increasing safety.

Compatible with Schmidt MS snow ploughs – and suitable for heavy duty application on rural roads and motorways

Although the fine-finish blade removes even the finest snow residues with great sensitivity, it demonstrates maximum sturdiness and best-possible material quality during operation: As a result of its stable construction, it is perfectly prepared for application over long distances on rural roads and motorways. The Schmidt fine-finish blade is an accurately-fitting attachment for the MS 32 / 34 / 36 / 40 snow ploughs.


Complies with Norwegian statutory requirements – and perfectly adapts to any situation also in terms of technology

The fine-finish blade, which complies with the statutory requirements, is a system consisting of several parts, designed for at least four blades and mounted similarly to the cutting blades – including the movable outer section. The blade is located behind the trailing edge of the plough frame. Our blade permits a plough swiveling angle of 32 degrees. The cutting blades are easily and rapidly mounted via a convenient clamping device; the cutter edges are made of low-noise rubber.

The fine-finished blade is actuated hydraulically by the vehicle. When deactivated, the machine has a sufficient ground clearance of 100 mm.

Do you have any further questions? Do not hesitate to contact us

Being one of the world’s leading snow plough manufacturers, Schmidt offers you the entire know-how required for both safe and efficient applications: We will be glad to answer your questions and are your partner of first choice for individual solutions as well.

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