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CJS-DI Compact jet sweeper with de-icer

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Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

Compact jet sweeper with de-icer

The latest concept from the company Schmidt – proven technology and reliable components combined with customised options and intelligent assistance systems. Our CJS-DI refined with your ideas!

Proven technology and reliable components combined in one machine.

It is constructed on a standard truck chassis on a compact basis, therefore enabling excellent turning in narrow areas. Naturally, it also realises a reliable removal of snow at high clearance speeds, just as the other Aebi Schmidt Group jet sweepers. Thanks to its hydro-pneumatic chassis, the CJS-DI offers the driver additional comfort when in use.

Easy handling

Intuitive operation thanks to integrated control panel for the (synchronous) steering of the plough, brush, blower and auxiliary spreader / sprayer. The graphic colour display and synchronous control of all the components enable the rapid and reliable operation of all the functions. Parameters can be adapted on a customer-specific basis so that the driver only needs to focus on the driving and the best possible clearing performance is achieved.

Straightforward servicing

All of the key equipment is easily accessible, thereby hugely reducing the servicing and/or maintenance. That means lower servicing times and high machine availability.

Chassis, Steering and Driver Unit

Standard carrier vehicles are used for the CJS. The chassis is modified accordingly for mounting the jet sweeper. An auxilary engine is used to drive the hydraulic pumps and to control the sweeping unit and high pressure blower with an output of 260kW at 1800 rpm. The vehicle engine powered hydraulic unit is used for operating the snow plough.

Sweeping unit

The sweeping unit is located between front and rear axle. Twin castor wheels ensure an optimum, quiet and even clearing performance by the brush. With the automatic spoiler adjustment, the aerodynamic snow guidance on the spoiler and the wear-dependent brush speed control, a level ejection of snow to the side and clean clearance is achieved. This is the basis for safety on your take-off and landing runways. The automatic and infinite sweeping pattern adjustment enables an even and as far as possible wear-free use of the brush profile, which significantly reduces your maintenance costs.


Blower unit

An aerodynamic blower unit is fitted in front of the rear axle. It ensures the highest blower performance for an optimum drying of the area for clearing. In this way, you achieve the optimum friction values. With a constant air speed across the entire working width, an even cleaning of the area for clearing can be achieved.

Auxiliary spreader / sprayer

With the auxiliary spreader / sprayer, the ice can be tackled on a preventive and curative basis. Our modularity gives you the option of realising different spray widths, e.g., the width of the vehicle is covered by a spraying bar. Among others, additional working widths are achieved with additional long throw nozzles. Powered via vehicle hydraulics.

Snow plough

Clean and aggressive clearance is achieved with the MS Tarron airport snow ploughs, e.g. MS 56.1 NA. They are designed for the rapid clearance of snow at airports and with an optional fine finish blade, ejection guard or low blade design, they provide the ideal clearing result.

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