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ASP New Generation Airport Sprayer

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Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

The high-quality sprayer ensures the rapid, exact and precise   application of de-icer agents. Use the ASP for both preventive and curative de-icing operations on runways, taxiways and aprons.

Maximum spraying width for preventative and curative use

  • Modular liquid tanks from cold-resistant PE with integrated baffles
    (either 2,200 or 2,500 l).
  • The spraying bar at the rear and two spraying arms cover the entire working width.
  • Spraying arms with integrated, double row of nozzles for precise and even distribution of the spraying medium at every speed, spraying width and volume.
  • The nozzles are arranged closely together, enabling an overlapping spraying result.
  • The low-pressure pumping system enables work at a low spraying pressure. In combination with the short distance from the spraying nozzles to the ground surface, the swirling of de-icer agent rarely occurs.
  • Powerful membrane pump (300 – 600 l/min.) for the rapid conveying of the spraying medium.
  • Solid parallelogram design at the front of the machine for safe guidance of the spraying arms.
  • The folding in or out of the spraying arms in less than 30 seconds, also during driving, enables efficient set-up times during use.
  • The stable design of the spraying arms enables working speeds of up to 45 km/h, even if an emergency stop is made.
  • The spraying arms fold in or out hydraulically and manually.
  • The external aluminium sections of the spraying arms feature collision protection and fold backwards upon contact.
  • Tipping function – the external sections of the spraying arms can be raised or lowered hydraulically to avoid obstacles such as runway lighting units..

Drive system

The sprayer is powered via the vehicle hydraulics or a diesel engine. Electrical and hydraulic components in the protected compartment.


  • Intuitive operation via the ES control panel in the driver‘s cabin, for precise and safe control.
  • The graphic colour touch display and the turn-click control knobs as well as the push buttons enable a rapid and intuitive operation of all the functions.
  • The push buttons can be assigned on an application-specific and individual basis, so that the driver only needs to focus on the driving and the best possible de-icing performance is achieved.
  • The positions of the spraying arms are shown in the display, so that collisions can be avoided and the driver has a complete overview at all times.

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