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SK350, SK370

Kategorija: Komunalni program
Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

The de-mountable sweepers with great system efficiency for the UNIMOG.


Our de-mountable sweepers of the SK series designed exclusively for mounting on UNIMOG are constructed for cleaning city centre areas and streets and for industrial areas. Thanks to its elaborate product design, mounting and demounting is quick and easy; UNIMOG’s power hydraulics render any additional auxiliary engine redundant.

The machine is composed of the hopper whose bottom is made of stainless steel, the sweeping and pick-up unit including channel brush, suction device and feed broom. When mounting, the sweeping and pick-up unit with a stabiliser and the feed broom with a height adjustable mounting trolley are pushed under the respective connection point on the carrier vehicle. The quick couplers on the compressed air, electric, water and hydraulic lines enable quick mounting and demounting of the sweeper.

The 700 mm disc brush and the 1,500 mm feed broom provide a total sweeping width of 2,200 mm. The high-performance fan generates high vacuum power and transfers the exhaust air outside with reduced noise.

The SK series has an integrated water tank and a lightly folding leaf screen. The rear flap can be comfortably opened and closed hydraulically.

Mounting of the SK350 on Unimog U423 Euro6, wheelbase 3,150 mm with sweeper package.

Mounting of the SK370 on Unimog U423 Euro6, wheelbase 3,600 mm with sweeper package.

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