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Aebi TT 241

Manufacturer: AEBI SCHMIDT prikaži proizvode

Aebi TT 241

Efficient, economical comfortable – the Terratrac new generation

Quiet cabin, highest lifting power, enormous maneuverability and practical details like USB plug, storage options and a mobile phone compartment – that is what the Terratrac stands for. Added to this is a perfect panoramic view of the surroundings and the instruments thanks to large glazing areas. Open space and functionality will delight you. A driving seat for even the highest demands.

Get ready for a new generation of drive levers and let the new concept impress you. Pinpoint and ultra-quick control of the instruments with just one finger! Ingeniously simple. Changing direction quickly and easily, without stopping – no problem. Get in and drive off, thanks to the intuitive operation time-consuming studying of manuals is no longer needed. A vibration damping (serial) improves driving safety, increases driving comfort and preserves the machine during rapid displacement rides with implements. The automatic parking brake provides maximum security in all positions.

The intelligent control of fan and working hydraulics regulates their speed automatically according to the current vehicle load. Your benefits: more power, lower emissions, simple operation, high comfort and safety.

Implements combinations Aebi Schmidt

Snow ploughs:

FLL  24

CPL 24

SNK 24

MPC 26

CPM 27

MS C 27

CP 2

MPC-P 28


Traxos 05

Sweeping machine:

VKS 24

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