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LEVELING DOUBLE 185 | 3400 X 185

Manufacturer: ORSI prikaži proizvode

Fruit harvester with double lifting platform, hydrostatic transmission with differential axles and simultaneous steering of the 4 wheels from the steering wheel, automatic restarting, automatic glow plug preheating, 3 steering angles with power steering, 4 drive wheels, 4 steering wheels, movable control console and adjustable in height, fully adjustable swiveling parapets, hydraulic opening on the four sides of the platform, hydraulic balconies opening, semi-automatic centering of the rear wheels, pump unit, negative brake driven by an indipendent pump, hydraulic brakes on the rear wheels, self-diagnosis, solenoid valves with LED, axle cushioned front, ertacetal guide shoe, sliding balconies on bearings, electric throttle and electronic gear 1st-2nd gear + neutral.


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